Leaders: The Imperative to Stay on Ground

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Leaders need to stay in touch with correct people – people who guide him constantly and rightly.

This is especially needed when one is at the top. Some need to stay put the leader onto ground reality – however great we may become, we are human beings. And as an intelligent human being, we are more responsible for our actions than others – and more responsible to create shared value with others.

This is possible like connecting with our mentors early in our lives.

The Evolution of Corporate Culture

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Corporations today are bigger and more resourceful than countries and governments.

A strong measure of corporate power is to compare government budgets with gross corporate revenues. The analysis here covers all corporations of the Fortune 500 for 1998 — now 490 (in 1999) because of recent mergers. To qualify as one of the 490, a corporation had to have $9 billion or more in annual revenues. The analysis includes the 191 nations of the world. Total revenue of the 490 corporations is $11.5 trillion — $4 trillion more than the 191 national governments of the world.

As such, the term corporate has seen many changes. Initially, it was meant to be a manufacturing unit, and it evolved into an economic unit. Then, the corporations and ventures expanded into various states, nation, region, and now they have evolved internationally, and also established various units in terms of location, size, functions and priority. And as they expanded from a nuclear family to a joint one, it was soon recognized the need to have a strong corporate culture as a strength in cut throat environment.

Today, as corporations go global, the definition of corporate culture itself undergoes through evolution. Culture, today exists in an expanded family of a corporation having human diversity. Corporate culture is often called “the character of an organization”. Today, researchers have identified the existence of subcultures within a corporate culture. That’s the predictor cursor that I pointed out earlier that the corporate joint family is now evolving into a corporate expanded family; the two major forces, standardization and decentralization, would outline this corporate culture evolution and virtually, their existence.

With a culture now evolving into an umbrella of subcultures, it is necessary for corporations to understand how to standardize their processes to the optimum to ensure the ease of handling of the issues and crisis that the expanded family might face and decentralize the power, so that various employees feel that they are the part and parcel of the expanded family. The last line of this article summarizes best the importance and application of standardization and decentralization forces, and not surprisingly, it is also the best advice we have for evolving corporations of tomorrow.

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Happy New Year

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The Dawn of the New Year
May gift you Joy and Good Cheer!

All your dreams come true
With life’s freshness anew!

May more Knowledge be gained and sought-
Along with more Wisdom and Thought.

A wish true and dear-
Happy New Year!!

Hello world!

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